Artarmon Station

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Artarmon Station
on the North Shore railway line in Sydney
Transport Links
NightRide route N90 serves Artarmon
Track layout at Artarmon

Artarmon StationArtarmon Station

Artarmon is a CityRail railway station on the North Shore railway line in Sydney,on the North Shore railway line in SydneyAustralia, in the residential suburb of Artarmon.The rail line cuts through the middle of Artarmon, with only limited road access between the two sides. The platform is raised approximately two metres above street level due to the slope of land near the station. Two pedestrian tunnels cross under the rail line, with access to the station available via stairs from the larger tunnel.
The limited width of the station means that there are no automatic ticket barriers. Passengers must walk to the ticket machines and ticket counter in the middle of the platform to purchase a ticket.

Artarmon StationPlatforms/Service

The station is served by four trains per hour most of the time, with additional trains at peak hours. Originally, not all trains on the North Shore Line stopped at Artarmon, with some "fast" trains skipping from Chatswood directly to St Leonards and then on to North Sydney. In the 2006 timetable, most trains now stop at Artarmon due to its high patronage.
Platform 1:
North Shore Line - all stations and limited stops services, and peak hour intercity services to Central; then to Blacktown, Penrith, Emu Plains, Riverstone, or Richmond via the Western Line, or to Eastwood or Hornsby via the Northern Line
Platform 2
North Shore Line - all stations and limited stops services to Lindfield, Gordon, Hornsby & Berowra; peak hour intercity services to Gosford and Wyong.

Artarmon StationAccessibility

As the platform is connected to the underpass leading to the adjacent streets by stairs, Easy Access for wheelchairs is not available.

Artarmon StationTransport Links

NightRide route N90 serves Artarmon(Hampdon Road nr Francis Road).

Artarmon StationTrackplan

Track layout at Artarmon. 'Up' refers to the direction towards Sydney, 'Down' refers to the direction away from Sydney.
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