Wollstonecraft Station

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Wollstonecraft StationWollstonecraft Station

Wollstonecraft Railway Station is a station located on the North Shore Line of the CityRail network in Sydney, Australia. It serves the residential suburb of Wollstonecraft and is sited between Waverton and St Leonards stations. Prior to 1 September 1900 the station was known as Edwards Road.
Wollstonecraft station itself is sited on a very sharp 200 m (657ft) radius curve which creates a hazard for passengers not only because of the wide gap between the platform and the doors of the train, but also because the train crew cannot see the ends of the 8 car trains and they may close the doors while passengers are still trying to exit, or enter

Wollstonecraft StationPlatforms/Service

The station is usually served by four trains per hour, with more in peak hours.
Platform 1:
North Shore Line - all stations and limited stops services, and peak hour intercity services to Central; then to Blacktown, Penrith, Emu Plains, Riverstone & Richmond via the Western Line, or to Eastwood or Hornsby via the Northern Line
Platform 2
North Shore Line - all stations and limited stops services to Lindfield, Gordon, Hornsby or Berowra; peak hour intercity services to Gosford and Wyong.

Wollstonecraft StationTransport Links

Sydney Buses runs one route via Wollstonecraft railway station:
Route 265 - Weekdays(Monday to Friday)and Saturday services - North to Lane Cove via Crows Nest, St Leonards, Greenwich, Osborne Park, South to McMahons Point via Waverton, North Sydney.
NightRide route N90 serves Wollstonecraft(Pacific Highway nr Shirley Road).

Wollstonecraft StationTrackplan

Track layout at Wollstonecraft. 'Up' refers to the direction towards Sydney, 'Down' refers to the direction away from Sydney.
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